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Yoga For Every-body!
The ancient discipline of Yoga was born in India thousands of years ago according with the Hindu Philosophy and crossed all the centuries arriving to our times adapting to the western world needs trying to remedy to the damages that our lifestyle caused, producing diseases , some more severe than other.
Never to late to start Yoga
No age limits to practiceYoga, no level from which you are supposed to start from except the one where the body is today. The goal of Yoga, to name one, is to shift the body - and the mind - from the point where is here and now to a point that we thought was impossible to reach. 
The first target is to learn how to breathe properly, and house to use it as a tool that always matches with the movement, promoting and supporting it.
In Yoga Mood Studio we offer dynamic Yoga Classes at different intensity levels, whith different room heating intensity, but also a kind of a total relaxing Yoga, with absolutely any muscular effort senza alcuno sforzo muscolare, really good for any age and physical condition.  Find              the style that you prefer.


We have a good deal: 35 € 15 days tryal,

come any time you want, try all classes!

Questions and Answers to the common doubts


I am too stiff! I canb't eaven reach my toes, imagine if 

I can be able to practice Yoga!

The good new is that you WILL finally reach your

Toes! If you are stiff, with patience and no judges you

will see huge differences in your body that - this will astonish you - are already yet to bloom.

I already practice sport, I want to train hard!

I don't want to be still in a room and get bored.

Yoga developer muscular power, with the plus

of protecting joints preserving from consuming


This happens not only activating muscles isometrically, but also with dynamic movements. Come and try, we are sure you will not get bored!

My blood pressure is low, the high temperature of the room annoys me!

Not all classes are in a overheated room, and anyway is                   not that hot to lower your boy pressure; actually                is the opposite : moving in a heated room                               increases the heart beat thus the blood                               pressure as well. conseguenza - anche la pressione sanguigna. In any case you are encouraged to stop any time for a break during the classes for the time you need.

HAVE YOU GOT A QUESTION, A DOUBT...AN EXCUSE?Write down a comment and we will answer!

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